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E-durys. Be different. Be bold. 

We are creative 

Manufacturer of modern doors. 

The challenge – we have to make choices almost every day, sometimes even every minute. E-durys is a door manufacturer that has a lot of competition, so it needs to be visible and interesting to sell its products successfully. 

The solution – create a unique brand position, fun image and slogan. Together, we discovered that E-durys is the invisible door production pioneer in Lithuania. It was important to share this message in the public domain. You don’t have to be a big brand to be interesting and attractive :) 

I like small, but interesting brands.

Creative team: Jolanta Creative – creative director, Julius Gerdvila – art director, Rokas Cicėnas – graphic designer, Saulius Masiulis – web design. 

Brand positioning, brand communication strategy, brand slogan, brand image, website.

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