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Hi&Go. Pets on the ride.

Be brave

Unique service in the Lithuanian market – Hi&Go pet taxi. 

The challenge – launch of a new service and a new brand. A small budget combined with the need to create interesting and attractive communication. Quite the brain-teaser. 

The solution – be a visible and attractive brand, after all – it’s the only way :). This is vital, especially when all of humanity is focused on Covid-19. Needless to say, people have to feel safe and secure when buying a new service.

The result – in one day, Hi&Go received over 300 organic clicks, likes, followers and enquiries :) Not a huge amount, but as they say – well begun is half done.

Creative team: Jolanta Creative – creative director, Julius Gerdvila – art director, illustrator, Rokas Cicėnas – graphic designer, Jovita Jarutienė – PR and social media.

Brand positioning, brand concept, brand identity, brand slogan, brand image, social media.

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